Saturday, April 01, 2006

The beginning of wisdom

I've been having a hard time getting back to my blog lately, partly because of my current workload and personal issues, but frankly, there is something else that's been keeping me from blogging lately.

All this reading and rereading of the notes in the SAB is making me start to have some serious doubts and questions. Maybe I need some time to consider more of the content of that site before continuing on this project much farther.

Just because I'm saying this doesn't mean that I have given up the faith. On the contrary, I'm still holding fast to it as best I can, but I have to be honest. Knowing some of the things I know now, I do have to admit logical difficulties. In the meantime, I suppose I'll still continue with my other blog. Never fear, faithful two or three regular readers, in some form, I will carry on. Get yourself some rest this weekend.


Geoff said...

The SAB makes its case by pretending to look globally for contradictions, but it's really atomist in its application. A more unified covenantal view of scripture is pretty impervious to the kind of petty barbs the SAB offers.

Try reading "Through New Eyes" by James Jordan for a more integrated view. You can get the book from someplace like Amazon, but it's also available in full text online as a PDF. Alternatively, Peter Leithart's "A House for My Name" might be more accessible, as it has has even been described as "Through New Eyes for Dummies."

I don't agree with everything Jordan says in the book. For instance, I'm an "old Earth" guy, but his description of seven-day creation and Noah's flood as types and models for other displays of God's character and power is compelling. The Bible is both real and poetic, and Jordan is great at showing this fact.

Brucker said...

Thanks for the suggestion.

I don't know if my traffic is just too low lately, or if nobody got it, but the post above was intended to be a small April Fool's joke. I don't know if anyone fell for it but you (in fact, it's not clear from your comment if you fell for it, either) but I left a couple of clues in the post itself. Did anyone catch them, or think I was serious?

Erasmus T. Shytwitte said...

Hello, Brucker!

I'm glad the "Chucklehead Absurdity graphics" of SAB aren't getting your faith down.

As a [mostly cultural] Jew who is taking his first in-depth plodding through the Bible, I REALLY appreciated coming across your super-methodical postings on Genesis & Exodus. You combine textual know-how & familiarity with a killer sense of humor. I started out my project with my tongue deeply lodged in my cheek, but once I found that I wanted to stop & ponder passages a little bit more, your postings were the thoughtful, conscientious, and FREE resource I was looking for.

Keep up the good work, I can imagine it must seem daunting at times. Hopefully, if you reach half-Chuckleheads like myself, it's for a good cause.

Brucker said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it. The real dauntingness of the task for me at this time is the amount of work I have to do offline these days. I am trying to make this my daily Bible devotional more or less, though, so I hope to be able to slip it in more often.