Thursday, September 01, 2005

And he spake three thousand proverbs (A personal aside)

Just out of curiosity, I'm hoping to get some feedback not so much on the content of the posts (which I hope people are giving anyway if they have thoughts on it) but on my own personal writing style. I know I have a tendency to get a little too relaxed in my writing which leads to run-on sentences and general verbosity. So far, I haven't been editing my work for anything but spelling, but perhaps it might serve the purpose of clarity if I tightened things up a bit?

As I said, feedback would be nice, and I can even take brutal criticism so long as it's both honest and constructive. (Did anyone but me actually notice that the last paragraph of the August 31st post was one huge sentence? Whether you noticed it or not, did it make it difficult to read?)

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