Monday, November 11, 2013

Again there shall be heard in this place (Mark 3-5)

I'm pretty sure Mark 3 is entirely issues that repeat from previous posts, let's see...

"Are those who believe Jesus is the Christ of God?" is one I addressed back in chapter 1, at which time I admitted that I didn't have a good answer. Looking at it again, I might note that none of the devils referenced actually refer to Jesus as the "Christ", but merely the "Son of God". This doesn't resolve the issue, though, at most it suggests that the SAB should rephrase the question, as it still contradicts with 1John 4:15.

The proper names of the apostles I addressed in Matthew 10. The question of an unforgivable sin I addressed in Matthew 12. The question of how parents should be treated I addressed in Exodus 20.

That was so short, I'm going to hit all the repeat issues from chapter 4 as well as chapter 5.

Jesus' "secret teachings" I addressed in Matthew 13, where I also addressed the issue of the mustard seed parable.

The number of demon-possessed men was addressed in Matthew 8. Where the devils asked not to go is a new one, but I have no response for it. The health status of Jairus' daughter was addressed in Matthew 9. Whether Jesus knows everything was addressed also in Matthew 8. Whether or not death is final I addressed in Joshua 23.

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