Friday, November 22, 2013

Male and female created he them (Mark 10)

Mark 10 has a lot of repetition, but it looks like there are one or two new things here. For instance, the first note here on verse 6, which I think is a bit of an odd interpretation. Whether you think that the universe is billions of years old or you're a young-earth creationist and you think it's just a few thousand years old or anywhere in between, I think you can still say with certainty that humans have always been male and female as long as they have existed, which I'm pretty sure is Jesus' point. Even if you're in the YEC crowd you probably believe that humans were created six days after the earth, so from the literal beginning can't be the point.

So, repeated points: Divorce answered here. Polygamy (although I'm not sure why it comes up in this chapter) answered here. Childishness answered here.

I already answered the question of whether anyone is good here, and whether Jesus is God here, but the verse that brought up both of those questions was addressed in Matthew 19. In fact, that chapter was largely parallel to this one and also has answers for the questions on verses 19, 25, 27, and 29.

Once again, as I've said before, Jesus did tell his disciples about his death and resurrection, and the fact that they failed to understand doesn't invalidate that. Asking Jesus for the best seats was covered Matthew 20 which also has a lot of parallels including addressing the "ransom" questions from verse 45 and the blind man questions from verse 46. (I don't know why verse 42 brings up a question about slavery, nor am I sure what to say about it.)

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